These 40 Father’s Day Menu Ideas are recipes any man would love. We have included breakfast recipes, main dishes, side dishes, and desserts. These recipes are tried and true all very popular on our website. All recipes have been made by us and our family approves! Spoil Dad this Father’s Day with these menu ideas!

Father’s Day Breakfast Recipes

Start the day with this great French Toast Casserole. This is such a handy dish, you can put it together the night before and cook it in the morning! My family loves this dish! Add fresh fruit and you have the perfect morning.

This Cheesy Sausage Quiche is one my family loves. Who can pass up sausage and cheese?! This one also has wonderful reviews.

Father's Day Menu Ideas - The Southern Lady Cooks

These Buttermilk Pancakes have been a family favorite for years! Rave reviews on these and you can add blueberries if you like.

Tater Tot Breakfast Casserole.. who doesn’t love tater tots? Then you add in sausage and this one is a huge hit!

Father's Day Menu Ideas - The Southern Lady Cooks

Spam Fried Potatoes is an easy breakfast and hearty way to start the day!

You can never go wrong with Cathead Biscuits.. delicious with sausage gravy, tomato gravy or jams and jellies!

These Heavy Cream Cinnamon Rolls are only five simple ingredients but they are amazing!! Super quick and so good!

Delicious Apple Fritters.. these are a wonderful way to start the day.  We all love these apple fritters and any Father would too!

Hamburger Creamed Gravy… also knows as SOS.. this old fashioned classic is a hearty way to start the day. Served over biscuits or toast.

Southern Fried Potatoes.. this is the best side dish to any breakfast or main dish… honestly fried potatoes go with ANY meal!

Father's Day Menu Ideas - The Southern Lady Cooks

Father’s Day Main Dish Ideas

These Crock Pot Sausage and Peppers is so easy to make and absolutely delicious! Throw it all in the crock pot and serve on sub rolls and you have a fantastic meal.

Father's Day Menu Ideas - The Southern Lady Cooks

This Brown Sugar Meatloaf is one any man will love. It has amazing reviews and is one of our most popular recipes! Add this one to your menu.

Father's Day Menu Ideas - The Southern Lady Cooks

Cheesesteak Pasta Skillet is an easy dish that our family loves and yours will too!

Stuffed Green Peppers is a classic dish and one your family will love. Many 5 star reviews on this one!

Baked Spaghetti is a great dish to serve on Father’s Day or any day for that matter!

Smoked Sausage, Sauerkraut and Potatoes is a crock pot dish that is so simple to throw together but so good!

Crock Pot Chicken and Gravy is a great dish with awesome reviews! Don’t forget the mashed potatoes!

Brown Beef Stew is one your family will love. Made in a skillet and is wonderful with cornbread!

Crock Pot Beef Tips and Gravy – this dish is very popular and is another recipe that has wonderful reviews.

Father's Day Menu Ideas - The Southern Lady Cooks

Crock Pot White Beans and Pork is a dish that is super easy to make but it’s so good!

 Father’s Day Side Dishes

This Amish Pasta Salad has millions of views… it’s the perfect side dish to ANY meal.

Fried Potato Cakes is a great side to any meal and could also be an appetizer!

Garden Pasta Salad is a great side dish that is sweet and sour.

Red Potato Salad is a great salad that goes great with any summer meal! We actually love it year round.

Green Beans and Potatoes – this dish screams summer and my family has enjoyed it for many, many years.

Father's Day Menu Ideas - The Southern Lady Cooks

Amish Onion Patties – These are amazing and we love to serve them on a burger in the summertime! They are delicious.

Macaroni Coleslaw Salad – if you love coleslaw.. this salad takes it up a notch! It is wonderful, makes a lot and is perfect for a crowd.

Snickers Apple Salad – This salad is one your family will love.. it’s so easy to make, super versatile and so good!

Italian Spaghetti Salad – This salad is so easy to throw together, loaded in veggies and pepperoni and a great dressing.

Broccoli Raisin Salad – This salad is so popular and you can easily make it in advance. If you don’t like raisins.. you can use craisins.

Father’s Day Dessert Ideas

Old Fashioned Banana Pudding.. This is the ULTIMATE dessert and it is the perfect addition to any gathering.

Atlantic Beach Pie – This classic is so easy to make and one your family will love. The saltine cracker crust is so good.

Strawberry Whipped Cream Cake – This cake is easy to make and absolutely delicious! If you love strawberries then add this one to your menu.

Blackberries and Dumplings – This classic is one ANYONE will love if they are a fan of blackberries. Old fashioned recipe at it’s best.

Toasted Coconut Pecan Pie – This is a twist on a classic and it’s super easy to make and so good topped with ice cream.

Easy Strawberry Pie – This pie is only 4 simple ingredients and so good! Add this one to your menu.

Old Fashioned Pound Cake – This cake is a classic that will always be a hit. You can serve it as it is, or add fruit to the side. It’s one of our favorites for a reason.

Fresh Blueberry Cheesecake – This has a homemade crust that is very unique and so good! Definitely save this one.

Do Nothing Cake – This simple cake has been around since the 1940’s and the best part about it, you don’t even need a mixer!

Best Rice Krispie Treats – These are the best because they combine marshmallow fluff and marshmallows. These take gooey to a whole new level!

We hope you have found some wonderful menu ideas for Father’s Day and you can spoil them on this holiday. These recipes are all tried and true and have many great reviews.

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