6 Birthday Gifts For 8 Year Old Boy, Save Up To 35%

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Birthday gifts for 8 year old boy: There are a plethora of children’s toys on the market these days. The toys are designed with the latest features and style, ensuring ultimate entertainment for your kids.

Apart from providing immense fun, toys also provide educational benefits to your kids. Here we are presenting some of the latest toys that you can pick for your little ones. As well as this article also guides the best birthday gifts for 8 year old boy

Top 6 Birthday Gifts For 8 Year Old Boy

1. Zephyr Mechanix Robotix 2 (8 years)

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Mechanix Robotix 2 is an amazing motorized toy that comes with colorful building blocks. Your little ones will have much pleasure with this block-building activity.

There are 166 pieces in the toy kit which allows your kids to build 8 different motorized models. Your kids can make many more models using the parts as well. The educational toy helps to inculcate the curiosity of learning in children.

Building blocks increase the intelligence and confidence level of your kids. Also, this toy enhances the creativity and imagination of your kids. The toy parts are made of perfectly finished steel material. To provide your kids with a better way to have a fun time, Zephyr Mechanix Robotix is best birthday gifts for 8 year old boy.

2. Explore My Super Chemistry Lab

Explore My Super Chemistry Lab, Birthday Gifts For 8 Year Old Boy

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My Super Chemistry Lab toy comes with a varied range of laboratory components that allow your kids to engage in many fun chemistry experiments.

This fun lab experiment will instill a scientist spirit in your kids. Children’s communication skills will improve when two or three children play this game together. You can also join this game with your kids at home.

This is a STEM toy kit that helps your kids to assimilate the knowledge of science and math. It improves the problem-solving skills and creativity of your kids. The components of the laboratory toy are made of non-toxic plastic material, ensuring the complete safety of your children’s health.

To provide the utmost entertainment and educational benefits, order toys for your 5+-year-old baby boys or baby girls at any online toy store India.

3. World of Paper Quilling (8+ years)

Explore My Super Chemistry Lab, Birthday Gifts For 8 Year Old Boy

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World of Paper is an innovative 120 pages quilling book that enables your kids to learn quilling techniques in just 7 simple steps. This toy kit comes with essential items that are needed to learn and make quilling.

It has 30 molds in 5 shapes for shaping coils and creating over 15 amazing 3D quilling creations.

The fun of creating quilling is doubled by providing a motorized coiling station for winding paper and a glue bot for adhesives. Your children’s brain function and creativity will develop through these exciting activity projects.

To ensure creative play with paper quilling for your kids, buy the World of Paper Quilling Toy set from an online toy store India.

4. Blix Amusement Park Building Blocks

Blix Amusement Park Building Blocks , Birthday Gifts For 8 Year Old Boy

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If your kids are between 5 and 6 years old, you can choose this amusement park building blocks. This toy comes with blocks of 340+ pieces which gives your kids the freedom to build different models of the park with their imagination.

Your kids will love these multicolored building blocks, and by making park models, they will have ultimate fun.

This activity keeps your kids engaged for a long time. In order to promote hand-eye coordination, IQ, and creativity in your children, the Blix Amusement Park Series is the perfect gift from the Zephyr brand.

Buy this fabulous toy kit from online toy stores in India, and let your kids build their own fantasy parks.

 5. Engino Qboidz 8 in 1 Multimodels Alien Robot

Engino Qboidz 8 in 1 Multimodels Alien Robot, Birthday Gifts For 8 Year Old Boy

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Engino Qboidz Alien Robot comes with a new patented design that provides colorful multiple parts to build fun models. Your kids can build 8 different models, including a playhouse, a horse corral with two horses, a seesaw, a chicken, a gremlin, a camel, a frog, and a robot they like.

By constructing animal models, your kids can learn the names of animals, and connect with the environment.

Kids are usually fond of playing with funny robots, therefore, Alien Robot Toy will be able to provide plenty of entertainment to the kids by sticking them more time in the model building. The robot parts are made of high-quality non-toxic plastic material which ensures that there is no harm if the children accidentally put the pieces in their mouths.

The Alien Robot toy boosts the intelligence and imagination of your kids.

6. Magnetic Fun with Alphabet and Words

Magnetic Fun with Alphabet and Words , Birthday Gifts For 8 Year Old Boy

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Magnetic Fun is an excellent toy that comes with 64 Picture Magnets, 144 Letter Magnets.  Your new learners will find this a fun way to get acquainted with letters. In the game, your kids race against the clock to put 144 Letter pieces in their places before time runs out.

An adjustable timer is included in the toy. Multicolored letter pieces attract your kids to engage with this game. Easily changing difficulty level with color-coded letter pieces enables your kids to learn the alphabet faster.

Moreover, matching letters enhances your kids’ motor skills. It enhances their problem-solving skills buy this amazing alphabet learning toy from an online toy store India, and have a blast in your child’s alphabet learning.


What are the best websites to buy toys online in India?

Toy Marche, Full of Toys, Toy Cart, Happy Kids, Hobby Toys, Toy Champs, Toy Craft, and Shumee are some of the leading websites that provide modern toys. You can visit the websites, and pick your required toys from the huge collection of international standard toys.

Are toys necessary for children?

Recent research has found that toys, especially educational toys, have great potential to improve children’s IQ, creativity, imagination, and problem-solving skills. Playing with toys will be beneficial in the development of children. Hence, we can say, toys are necessary for every child.

Do toys help children learn?

Educational toys undoubtedly teach children how to resolve problems, how to cause and effect work, and how to use techniques to execute tasks. In addition, toys teach kids to share, work together, and socialize.

Conclusion of birthday gifts for 8 year old boy

It is better to opt for any online toy store India to get the latest toy collection. They often give discounts on the purchase of toys. Also, My Baby Needs are more powerful to provide any category of toys based on the needs of the customers. The list of toys mentioned above is perfect for little ones that let your kids spend some time in their fantasy world.

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