98Q80C: Samsung Unveils Affordable 98-Inch QLED TV

Samsung recently unveiled an astonishing 98-inch QLED TV that comes with a price tag that might take you by surprise. This announcement holds significant implications for individuals passionate about home theater, as it challenges the conventional belief that projectors are typically the more budget-friendly choice for creating an immersive entertainment environment.

The 98-inch Samsung QLED 4K TV, referred to as the 98Q80C, is a late addition to Samsung’s 2023 TV lineup, set to hit the market in early July at a retail price of $7,999. Unlike last year’s Samsung QN100B 98-inch Neo QLED TV, which was essentially an extension of the premium QN90B model, this new release expands the range of size options available within the more reasonably priced Q80C series.

The 98Q80C is a late addition to Samsung’s 2023 TV lineup. (Image: Samsung)

While it may lack the advantages offered by Mini LED technology, the 98-inch Samsung QLED 4K TV for 2023 presents a viable choice for customers who desire the largest TV screen possible. What makes it even more appealing is the fact that it’s one of the first large-screen TVs that may actually fit comfortably within your budget.

The previous price tag of $40,000 for the QN100B made it a luxury item exclusively within reach of high-end consumers. LG’s 97-inch G2 OLED TV, priced at $25,000, provided an alternative, but it still remained too exorbitant to be recommended as one of the best TVs for the average buyer.

Quantum dot layers (Image: Samsung)

In comparison to the QN100B and the G2 OLED, Samsung’s new 98-inch TV comes at a significantly lower cost, indicating a positive trend toward making the large-screen TV experience more affordable.

While TCL had previously offered somewhat affordable options in the 97-100 inch range with its “XL” collection, Samsung’s strong brand recognition and reputation as one of the top TV brands overall make it a more popular selection.

An analysis reveals that laser TVs and projectors have made advancements but still cannot surpass the performance of top-tier QLED and OLED TVs. The fact that you can now acquire a 98-inch Samsung 4K QLED TV for a price lower than what you would spend on a complete projector setup marks a substantial shift.

What’s in the box of the 98Q80C. (Image: Samsung)

Affordable, but definitely not cheap

While $8,000 is certainly not inexpensive, a larger segment of consumers can consider it within their financial reach — particularly when compared to Samsung’s $40,000 Neo QLED TV of the same size.

To make their new TV even more enticing, Samsung is offering promotional deals. Currently, reserving a unit entitles you to a $500 credit on Samsung.com. Moreover, between July 3 and July 23, orders will include an additional $1,000 in savings, a Samsung Q-Series soundbar, and complimentary delivery and installation services.

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