Best early Prime Day Nintendo Switch deals 2023

Amazon Prime Day isn’t too far off now, happening on 11-12 July 2023, and each year Amazon’s big sale event brings some impressive discounts for Nintendo Switch gamers to enjoy.

Whether it’s savings on new consoles, games or accessories, there is generally a very good range of price cuts to check out. Ahead of Prime Day, there are already some early deals that you should definitely be aware of, so we’ve gathered all the very best options right here.

Best Nintendo Switch OLED deals

The Switch OLED is the current jewel in Nintendo’s crown – a superb hardware update from a couple of years ago that revitalises the Switch completely with a massively upgraded screen. It has better colours and blacks, and a slightly sturdier build quality, too, making it the best Switch on the market.

Nintendo Switch OLED

$334.99 $349.99 Save $15

The Switch OLED is a titan of a console, despite being nice and small, and portable. It’s wonderful and has some outrageously good games. Amazon is offering a discount on a number of third-party supplied units at this early stage, but there were only six units available at the price as of this update on 29 June.

Best Nintendo Switch Lite deals

For those who want a perfect portable machine, the Switch Lite is a must-have. It’s the Switch without its docking capabilities, which limits how you can use it, but also slashes the price right down to a really reasonable level even before any possible discounts.

switch lite

Nintendo Switch Lite

$193 $199.99 Save $6.99

Perhaps the greatest pure portable console ever made, the Switch Lite is a joy to use.

Best Nintendo Switch deals

The standard Nintendo Switch is still a great console, especially when hooked up to a TV, and is much more likely to get proper discounts than its two newer siblings. It plays all the same games, of course.

Nintendo Switch Online members can save £36 on games with official voucher offer image 1

Nintendo Switch

$284 $300 Save $16

A console that has stood the test of time and confirmed itself as an all-time great.

Best Nintendo Switch game deals

The Switch has one of the greatest libraries of exclusives and cross-platform games you could ever hope to see – and there are already some choice discounts to check out.

Tears of the Kingdom square

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

$58 $70 Save $12

The best game on the Switch? It might just be, so any tiny discount is hugely welcome.

Super Mario Odyssey square

Super Mario Odyssey

$52 $60 Save $8

A simply miraculous modern Mario game, you cannot afford to miss Odyssey if you haven’t played it yet.

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope square

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope

$30 $60 Save $30

A brilliant sequel that deserves more success and might get it with this excellent discount.

Best Nintendo Switch accessory deals

The Switch is a great console, make no mistake, but it can always be made better with some choice additions, along with basically every other console on the market – we’ve gathered some great deals on accessories for the Switch.

PowerA enhanced Switch controller square

PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller

$43 $60 Save $17

This is an excellent controller for your Switch, and it has a welcome discount here.

How we chose these Nintendo Switch deals

The Switch consoles might not have received massive discounts just yet, we’re hoping that’ll come on the big day, but in the meantime, we’ve included some great deals on Nintendo Switch games and accessories.

When it comes to games, we’ve only recommended games that we’ve played ourselves, and we can vouch for their quality. For accessories, we’ve stuck to options from reputable manufacturers, so you can rest assured that you’re looking at top-notch equipment.

Picking the right Switch for you can be complicated, although our direct comparison of all three models could be a huge help. Once you know which Switch console you’d like, picking out the best games is also worth taking your time with, and our list of the very best Switch games is another great resource.

Finally, you’ll want to pick up some accessories, be they headsets, controllers, extra Joy-Cons or more – all of these are worth considering as you gear up your Switch.


More Prime Day deals

We’re tracking a lot more deals for Prime Day. Here you can find the full selection.


Q: When is Prime Day 2023?

Prime Day is on 11-12 July 2023, a shift of one day in the calendar from 2022 but nonetheless in very much the same ballpark as early July. However, deals are already live ahead of the main event, and there will probably be some lingering discounts after it, too.

Q: Do you have to be a Prime member?

Prime Day is very much Amazon’s way of showing off what you get as a Prime Member, so the consequence is that you do indeed need to be one to get access to the very best deals on offer.

While some price-matching happens on other sites, and there are some deals that are open to everyone, the juiciest lightning deals and limited items will only be available to Prime members.

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