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We all have played with toys in our adolescence. It brings a cute smile to our faces when our parents bring new toys for us to play with during our childhood. Especially the age of 2-9 years is for growth and development. Playing with toys at that age will excavate every neuron of the brain and enhance imagination power.

You will make your child’s brainpower weaker if you don’t borrow good and puzzling toys for them. There are numerous online platforms available where you can buy them online. This is the best article about how to buy toys online India.

But what toy to buy? There are millions to choose from.  

1. Happy GiftMart Mini Racing Sport Car

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Happy GiftMart Racing Car comes with Flexible building blocks made of plastic and will provide a challenging task for your child. This isn’t a single car toy but a combo of several plastic blocks that can join together to form different shapes and sizes. Due to its round edges and corners, there is no harm to your child. He/she will play continuously the whole day with the toys without any special observation required.

Children 7 years and up of age are perfect to play with this toy. Your child will build and play with the power of their imagination with these building blocks and invent a new vehicle every time. And then fill the buggy with their favorite animals along with the zookeeper in front.

All over, that’s a perfect combo of the plastic block that can be built in hundreds of different shapes and sizes. The Zookeeper toy will enhance the ability of care and responsibility in your child from childhood.

2. Little Tikes Blocks Vehicle Fire Truck

Buy Toys Online India, Little Tikes Waffle Blocks Vehicle Fire Truck

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Here’s the firefighter toy. That’s a waffle block fire truck with a little firefighter and perfect for your little creator. He can create everything he wants with these plastic blocks, whether he wants a vehicle, fire station, or an emergency automobile. It all depends upon creativity. And also playing with these toys contributes toward building a strong and sharp mind for your children.

It comes with a 66-piece set of round and curved edges of plastic blocks including an exclusive cute buddy, wrought to impress and put a cute smile on the face of your child. The main thing is that all these blocks can match with other waffle toys, so your child has hundreds of other options to build something. Build 3-d, connect wide and stack high as well. Continue with buy toys online India.

3. Hasbro Gaming Hungry Hippos

Buy Toys Online India, 3.	Hasbro Gaming Hungry Hippos

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The combo of a toy along with a game in it. Here are some hungry hippos on four sides with a playground, a ball is thrown in the middle and the game starts. All four competitors need to catch the balls, and those who did will win the game. There are mainly four hippos, named Hungry Hippo, Veggie Potamus, Sweetie Potamus, and Bottomless Potamus. It’s the choice of whom to choose but you need to hurry and catch the most balls possible and win the game.

Perfect for the children of 4-6 age. The main specification of the toy is that four children can play at once and will be busy playing for hours without any side effects. More importantly, it will give them a sense of achieving something in their life in the future. This toy is built keeping in mind the theme of multiplayer games. At a single time, the whole family can play together.

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4. Hasbro Speak Out Game for Kids

Buy Toys Online India, 4.	Hasbro Speak Out Game for Kids

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I have been laughing while just imagining his funny game. Some mouthpieces don’t let the mouth be closed and some master cards where difficult words are mentioned. Every player needs to repeat the words with their mouth open. It would be very funny when you will listen to someone speak words with their mouth open.

And the funniest thing is the master cards, there are only difficult words mentioned die to which they are tough to recite. The phrases are like ” he’s my stealthy pet ferret named Garrett”, “slow down you careless clown” and many more. The unlimited laughter continues till the player recites the phrase. This game will surely fill your family with laughter and giggles.

This game contains 200 master cards with phrases on both sides and 5 mouthpieces along with a timer to decide the time. Give funny punishments to those while loose and spend your weekends with your family at home.

5. Spiderman Friendly School Bag

Buy Toys Online India, 5.	Marvel Spiderman Friendly School Bag 42 Cm

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Kids are the biggest fans of cartoon characters like Spiderman, Superman, and Batman. They like when these superheroes are printed on their everyday things, especially school bags. This school bag has the same. The biggest superhero spider-man is printed on it.

The red and blue colors make it feel realistic and your child will surely feel proud of having such a cool school bag. His friends will get jealous of him. It comes with a 3-month domestic warranty and a water bottle case on each side and two components for books and stationery items.

6. Reelay Mee 18 Ltrs 45 Cm School Backpack

Buy Toys Online India, Reelay Mee 18 Ltrs 45 Cm School Backpack

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The previous bag is for boys whereas this one is for fairies, the little cuties who like pony cartoons. Pink and sky blue colors will stimulate them and make them feel proud.  It comes with a 3-month domestic warranty and a water bottle case on each side and two components for books and stationery items.

  • Dimensions: 32 cm x 15 cm x 45 cm;
  • Capacity: 44 liters;
  • Number of compartments: 2 compartments
  • Material: nylon;
  • Water resistance level: waterproof;
  • Warranty Description: warranty is for 6 months from the date of purchase
  • Special features: back padded for comfort and radium strip on the shoulder pad

FAQ’sBuy Toys Online India

Children of what age group can play with these toys?

All children from 2-8 years of age cannot have these toys.

Can we see the pictures of the toys?

Yes, visit the link given and see the authentic pictures of real products.

Will a warranty be provided with products?

Yes, all the toys have a definite warranty period, visit the link and get your deal now.

ConclusionBuy Toys Online India

Developing the imagination and creativity of children is important. Above are the top 6 toys that can provide additional support to your children’s mental growth.

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