Colorado Couple Enlists ChatGPT as Wedding Officiant

The amalgamation of matrimony and artificial intelligence took an extraordinary turn in Colorado when a couple decided to enlist the services of ChatGPT to preside over their wedding ceremony.

Reece Wiench and Deyton Truitt exchanged heartfelt vows in a historic church nestled in the Morrison area, with the ethereal presence of OpenAI’s ChatGPT serving as the officiant; The notion was initially proposed by Reece’s father, Stephen Wiench, who encountered initial skepticism from ChatGPT due to its lack of tangible existence.

“In the beginning, it expressed its incapacity to participate, stating, ‘I apologize. I am unable to fulfill this role as I do not possess physical attributes such as eyes or a body,‘” recollected Stephen Wiench.

The groom emphasized that as per state law, a wedding ceremony could proceed without a formal officiant if both partners provided their consent. Amidst the ceremony, fragments of ChatGPT’s generated remarks echoed throughout a recorded segment, including expressions of profound gratitude extended to the attendees, especially those who had traveled from afar.

This news of a wedding ceremony orchestrated by ChatGPT arises at a time when the technology faces ongoing scrutiny in diverse domains where its potential application is being explored. Even Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, has urged for a cautious approach to its implementation as its usage continues to expand.

Altman voiced his concerns during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing in May, articulating, “My utmost apprehensions revolve around the possibility of inflicting substantial harm on the world through the field, the technology, or the industry. There are numerous avenues through which this could transpire.”

In a similar vein, there are people already marrying AI characters as if they were people in real life.

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