Destinus 3: A Hydrogen-Powered Supersonic Plane

Recently, at the prestigious Paris Air Show, Destinus, a pioneering European aerospace startup, proudly unveiled its highly anticipated third demonstrator aircraft — Destinus 3. This cutting-edge company is committed to developing commercial hypersonic passenger planes that run exclusively on hydrogen fuel.

The future of aviation remains uncertain, as discussions revolve around electric aircraft and alternative fuels. Nevertheless, the dream of supersonic travel for passengers has been rekindled, capturing the imagination of aviation enthusiasts worldwide.

By the year 2030, Destinus plans to introduce a groundbreaking hydrogen-powered aircraft capable of whisking passengers from Frankfurt to Shanghai in under 3 hours; such a remarkable time-saving feature promises to revolutionize conventional air travel. Moreover, the utilization of hydrogen as a fuel source effectively addresses concerns regarding harmful emissions, making it an ideal choice.

The selection of hydrogen as the primary fuel is attributed to its remarkable calorific value and outstanding cooling capabilities. In order to enhance performance, Destinus has skillfully engineered turbojet engines, complemented by an afterburner for additional thrust when required.

Destinus S and Destinus L: the future hydrogen-powered aviation

As part of their ambitious roadmap, Destinus envisions the launch of the Destinus S — a fully hydrogen-powered commercial aircraft designed to accommodate 25 passengers — between 2030 and 2032. This remarkable aircraft aims to surpass the cruising speed of the legendary Concorde, setting new standards for rapid air travel.

Taking innovation to unprecedented heights, Destinus’s vision extends further to the Destinus L — a larger variant capable of carrying up to 400 passengers. With mind-boggling speeds of Mach 6, powered by cryogenic hydrogen, the Destinus L holds the potential to revolutionize global travel and redefine the limits of human exploration.

Destinus has achieved significant milestones along its journey, including successful flight demonstrations of prototypes and groundbreaking advancements in hydrogen-fueled afterburner technology. These remarkable achievements solidify Destinus’s position as a trailblazer in the aerospace industry.

Destinus 3: Autopilot system in early 2024

In early 2024, Destinus plans to showcase its state-of-the-art autopilot system on the Destinus 3 demonstrator, initiating flight campaigns that employ liquid hydrogen as fuel. This technological showcase further underlines Destinus’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the field of aviation.

With its revolutionary technologies and unwavering dedication to progress, Destinus aspires to reshape the aviation landscape and transform air travel on a global scale. Through their visionary pursuits, they are propelling humanity into a new era of exploration and connectivity.

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