Everything we know about Extraction 2: Cast, trailer, more

Netflix ignited a powderkeg when it released Extraction in 2020, the Chris Hemsworth-fronted action film exploding to the top of its charts and racking up huge figures as its popularity spread. The sequel to the popular movie has now been released, with Hemsworth returning alongside the first film’s director. Find out all the key details right here.

Extraction hit Netflix on 16 June 2023.

We first got word that Extraction was getting a sequel in September 2021, when Netflix debuted a really short teaser trailer that’s mostly cut together from footage of the first film’s closing moments.

It ended with confirmation of Extraction 2, but didn’t clarify a date or release window, unsurprisingly. We had to wait until early April 2023 before Netflix revealed the streaming date for the movie. Spoiler – Extraction 2 isn’t the end of the story either – as Extraction 3 has also been teased.

Extraction 2 is thankfully a simple film to watch: as a fully homegrown Netflix original, all you’ll need is a Netflix account or trial in order to watch it in full.

It also has a limited run in cinemas, given the first film’s popularity, so it released in some cinemas on the same date that it hit Netflix.

The first full-length trailer for Extraction 2 focuses mostly on a single fight scene in a prison setting.

Suffice to say it looks pretty intense and immersive, with some brutal hits in just a couple of minutes. Later, in mid-May 2023, we got a full trailer that shows us a few more scenes, fights and returning or new characters.

Looking further back, you can check out that first teaser for Extraction 2 right here.

It’s short but sweet, and actually serves as a decent reminder of how the last film ended, with Tyler Rake taking a deep plunge into a river in mortal danger after being wounded while protecting his charge.

Since then we’ve had another teaser for the movie, this time blending behind-the-scenes footage with clips from the movie, as you can see below.

Firstly, Chris Hemsworth is back in the lead role as mercenary Tyler Rake to head up the Extraction 2 Cast, so you be getting more crunching fight scenes and impressive stunts from the leading man.


The film also sees the return of Golshifteh Farahani, reprising her role from the first film, along with newcomers Daniel Bernhardt and Tinatin Dalakishvili, the target Rake will be rescuing. Then there’s Idris Elba, who has a small but important part to play, linking Extraction 2 into whatever happens after the movie – more on that below.

Equally importantly, stuntman-turned-director Sam Hargrave is at the helm again, which is similarly heartening if you’re hoping to see the sort of choreography and brutality that made Extraction’s fights and chases so memorable.

Finally, writer Joe Russo, who’s done so much work with Marvel alongside his brother Anthony, has again written the movie, meaning the three biggest names attached to the first movie’s tone and content are all back for more.

Extraction 2 story and setting (spoilers)

At the end of the first Extraction movie, Tyler Rake was in a predicament and a half, but the fact that there’s a sequel coming means we know he survived and will fight another day. That’s a key part of the movie, with Rake making his recovery and while wanting to retire, finds himself drawn into another extraction job – this time with a personal twist. There’s quite the body count in Extraction 2, so don’t get too attached to any of the characters.

Writer Joe Russo has said that the team didn’t want to make the same film again, so there’s a slightly different tone and pace in the sequel. Russo also told Collider that compared to the first film Extraction 2 “has a different colour schematic. It’s set in a different part of the world.”

What Extraction 2 delivers, however, is a return to the frenetic action of the original movie, while setting up a third part. That’s right, there’s a twist at the end of the movie, meaning we’ll be getting an Extraction 3, with Idris Elba having a key role in whatever comes next for Tyler Rake.

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