iOS 17: Deciphering Laundry Symbols Made Easy

Did you ever wonder what are the weird icons located on your clothes tags? Well, you’re not alone. Prepare yourself for an exhilarating breakthrough that will alleviate your concerns related to laundry and mishaps with your dryer.

Although washing machines have become highly intelligent, many of us frequently find ourselves puzzled by the enigmatic laundry symbols found on the garment’s labels — Fortunately, iOS 17 (currently in beta) has arrived to rescue us, thanks to the introduction of a genuine beneficial feature, the Visual Lookup.

If you are not acquainted with Visual Lookup, it enables you to gather additional information about the subject of a photograph in various applications such as Photos, Notes, Mail, or Messages. For example, if you capture an image of your dog, Visual Lookup will help you discover details about the breed — And now, with the upcoming iOS 17, Visual Lookup will enlighten users on whether it is safe to tumble dry a specific garment.

This thrilling attribute was unveiled by Federico Vittici of MacStories on Mastodon; It works similarly to other categories within Visual Lookup: snap a photo of the clothing tag, tap on the “Look Up…” link and your iPhone will decipher the significance behind the symbols.

Image: “label on clothes” by Yuchao.L

Not an original creation by Apple

It is worth noting that this is not an original creation by Apple. Numerous apps for deciphering laundry symbols already exist for both iOS and Android, and it is unfortunate that the developers of those apps are being “Sherlocked” — a term used when Apple integrates a feature into one of its platforms that was previously executed brilliantly by a third-party app.

Even so, from the perspective of a consumer, this addition to the standard iOS feature set is undoubtedly welcome, and it is likely to be embraced by a greater number of users as a consequence, especially if it leads to fewer laundry mishaps or prevents clothes from unintentionally shrinking.

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