Missing Star Trek Prodigy Episodes to Get Physical Release

Screenshot: Paramount

Appropriate for a show with so many connections to Star Trek: Voyager, the second half of Prodigy season one might make it home the long way round. Weeks on from from the streamer’s shocking decision to reverse renewal and pull the series from its service, there could be a chance fans will get to physically own what currently remains of the show after all.

Overnight pre-order listings for Blu-ray and DVD releases of the second half of Star Trek: Prodigy’s debut season began appearing on retailers like Best Buy and Amazon Canada, with Digital Bits reporting a September 26 release date for the collection, featuring episodes 11 through 20. While Paramount has yet to confirm details about such a release—io9 has reached out to the studio for comment on the listings, and will update this post when and if we hear back—members of Star Trek: Prodigy’s creative team began sharing the news on social media.

When Paramount+ pulled Star Trek: Prodigy from the platform last week, just days after announcing an about-turn on its previously announced renewal for season two, these 10 stories became the first Star Trek TV episodes in a generation that were largely legally inaccessible (in the United States at least—Prodigy’s first season remained available to purchase digitally in its entirety in other international markets, such as the UK). Although digital access to the episodes remain in limbo, it’s good that the series is seemingly going to get a complete physical release, something that is now more important than ever as the streaming age of television transitions into an era of tax-cut-driven retraction and calcification.

Star Trek: Prodigy’s second season, which was in post-production for a release sometime later this year when Paramount+ reneged on its renewal, is currently being finished with the intent that CBS Studios can shop the series elsewhere.

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