Reddit is removing years of chats and messages

If you have fond memories of chatting with Reddit friends, you might want to check your archives. Reddit has confirmed user reports that it’s removing all chats and messages from before 2023. As the social site explained in June, it’s moving to a new chat architecture and believes pulling older messages will enable a “smooth and quick transition” to the new architecture. The change took effect June 30th, but many users only noticed days later.

There may be a way to recover some of those messages, Mashable says. You can request account data from Reddit through an online form, and the archive might include conversations from before 2023. While it won’t be as easy to revisit a priceless chat, it won’t necessarily be gone forever.

Users still aren’t thrilled, however. While Reddit disclosed the cutoff in a changelog, it didn’t notify community members directly. That left some to discover the company’s plans only after their message logs disappeared, preventing them from backing up their histories on their own terms.

The move also comes as Reddit is facing a broader backlash. Numerous subreddits conducted a days-long blackout to protest new policies that made it impractical for third-party apps like Apollo to remain active. Since then, users and moderators have taken various actions (such as focusing subreddits on John Oliver photos) to fight back.

More recently, Reddit said it would phase out the existing coin system used to recognize exceptional contributors. You can no longer buy new coins, and all awards and coins will go away after September 12th. The existing approach leads to “clutter” and provides content that some don’t believe is all that valuable, Reddit says. While there will be a replacement system, it’s expected to be simpler and more direct. That may not thrill longtime fans used to Reddit’s sometimes very specific awards and medals.

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