San Diego Comic-Con’s Paramount+ ‘Ski Lodge’—Star Trek and More

If you’re at San Diego Comic-Con and you want to maximize your “activation” situation—you can’t do better than “The Lodge: A Paramount+ Experience,” which combines multiple of the streamer’s projects in a pop-up packed with photo ops. There’s also a bar with themed cocktails.

Why ski lodge? Well… Paramount does feature a giant snow-covered mountain in its logo, and this activation ties into its “Mountain of Entertainment” campaign. Here’s what’s on tap, courtesy of a press release from the streamer; scroll through to see io9’s photos from the press preview earlier today.

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts: Visit Energon Station to replenish your energy and unleash your inner beast with some tantalizing PRIMAL BREW (cold brew) and AUTOBOT TEA (iced tea).

Good Burger 2: Munch on delicious tray pass sliders and fries from the classic Good Burger counter.

Yellowjackets: Step inside Lottie’s serene compound, where there’s more than meets the eye. Guests will explore a path through the activation to the secrets inside, and those lucky enough to reveal the iconic antler queen will leave with their very own bespoke Yellowjackets playing cards.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Take a trip under the sea to Bikini Bottom and visit the Krusty Krab. While at the iconic restaurant, grab a seat at the boat set for an underwater selfie photo moment.

Special Ops: Lioness: Crime awaits in the CIA safe house, where guests will be asked a series of “tests” matching with one of the three female archetypes. Fans will then receive a card with a character-match write-up and tune-in info. For guests passing by, the space features a spycraft wall where consumers can discover secrets.

Star Trek: Returning by popular demand, Star Trek’s Caricature Studios welcomes guests to take a seat at one of three rock thrones where artists will sketch visitors as their own Trek character. While at each studio, guests can select from a menu of preset characteristics adding details like uniform weapons, specialty alien-race touches, skin tone, etc.

1923: Discover a hidden speakeasy where you’ll find yourself in the Silver Dollar Soda Shop. Step inside and order a glass bottled root beer or a specialty cocktail within the existing nook. With a tasty beverage in hand, guests can then take a seat in the 1923 portrait studio for a vintage-style photo moment.

CBS Sports: Reimagine the iconic CBS Sports desk with a winter twist celebrating all sports, all the time. While walking around, take a peek at the CBS Sports “Hall of Fame” memorabilia wall, including items from NFL, UEFA & NWSL (San Diego Wave FC), and play a friendly game of shuffleboard.

Ink Master: Experience a day in the classic Ink Master banquette booth while flipping through a book of airbrush tattoo options from your favorite Paramount+ shows. Stencil options from beloved Paramount+ shows include Beavis and Butt-Head, SpongeBob, RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars, and more.

Pet Sematary: Modeled after the film’s themes, guests will be invited to the Pet Sematary portrait studio for a photo moment where aftereffects will be added to invoke the dead in a beautiful yet dying environment. Post-photo, digital versions will be available for consumers to share on social media.

“The Lodge: A Paramount+ Experience at San Diego Comic-Con 2023″ runs through July 23; the hours are Thurs-Sat, noon-10:00 pm and Sunday, 10:00 am-7:00 pm.

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