SDCC 2023—Strange New Worlds Reveals First Star Trek Musical Ep

Screenshot: Paramount

Not to be outdone by last year’s Comic-Con announcement that Strange New Worlds would team up with Lower Decks for a crossover episode in season 2, this year the latest Trek series returned to San Diego to go one weirder: the Enterprise is getting downright lyrical.

Today Paramount confirmed at San Diego Comic-Con that the upcoming ninth episode of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ sophomore season would be titled “Subspace Rhapsody”: and it’s the first ever fully fledged Star Trek musical episode. Check out the trailer below (or on Twitter, internationally):

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds | “Subspace Rhapsody” Trailer (SDCC 2023) | Paramount+

As you can see, the Enterprise is going to find itself turned proverbially upside down when an investigation into a subspace anomaly creates a wave through the ship that compels the crew to belt their hearts out in song. And not just the crew: it looks like Paul Wesley’s Lieutenant James T. Kirk is back aboard for some reason. That reason presumably being “like hell are we going to do a musical Star Trek episode and not contrive a way to get the future Captain Kirk doing a song and dance.”

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Image: Paramount

“Subspace Rhapsody,” the penultimate episode of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds season 2, will stream on Paramount+ August 3.

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