The Flash Movie is Becoming an NFT, Because Why Not

Image: Warner Bros./DC Comics

Warner Bros.’ The Flash will be a full month old by the end of the weekend, and to say it’s had an eventful lifecycle might be understating things a bit. If things couldn’t get any stranger for the movie that WB was hoping would be a global sensation and then very much wasn’t, the film is soon going to be a blockchain movie—one that WB likely hopes finds a second life in that market of the tech industry?

Billed as “the first new release movie to hit the blockchain,” The Flash Web3 Movie Experience gives buyers an “immersive web3 experience” that allows them to access a number of digital locations. Each of those locations, like the Batplane or Barry’s room, contain secret augmented reality collectibles that lead to behind-the-scenes footage and exclusive content. Beyond that, there’s also a voucher to redeem a DC NFT from the comic publisher’s own NFT marketplace, and “randomly selected key art” for the film with varying levels of rarity. The immersive experience basically looks (and sounds) like an interactive version of what would be the main menu for the film’s eventual home release, and you can see below what all that entails.

WB’s been on the NFT train for about a year now, having famously converted The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring into an NFT that was reportedly pretty bad. Tying an already disliked (and failing) technology onto a movie that’s been openly struggling to find much of an audience since it came out doesn’t feel like the right move, even more so when you see that there’s two different editions—”premium” and “mystery”—with stocks “limited” respectively to 2,000 and 10,000 copies.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, then The Flash Web3 Movie Experience will release on July 18 via WB’s web3 website. For anyone else, you can wait until (probably) August or September for The Flash to hit streaming and physical.

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