There’s finally some 8K content you can watch on your TV, but it’s not what you think

Samsung and Warner Bros. Pictures have teamed up to put new 8K movie trailers into Samsung stores around the world in an attempt to sell more of Neo QLED 8K TVs.

The move will see 8K movie trailers for movies like Creed III, Barbie, Blue Beetle, and Wonka shown in more than 65,000 stores around the world to help highlight the features and benefits of Samsung’s Neo QLED 8K offerings. This comes after a trial across more than 450 stores in the United States and Europe.

8K content, finally

In a press release, Samsung said that the trailers “garnered significant attention and enthusiasm from audiences worldwide, exemplifying the growing demand for 8K content.” However, those who do buy a new 8K TV on the back of what they see in these stores might be left disappointed once they get it home.

While there is little doubt that the 8K movie trailers being shown in stores will look stunning, there is a very real dearth of actual 8K footage available for people to watch at home. Streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, and Apple TV+ currently top out at 4K while some don’t even go that far. And while movie fans might choose to watch their content on physical discs rather than streamed via iTunes or other platforms, they won’t fare any better. There are no 8K movies to be had on plastic platters, either. There are some 8K test videos to be found on YouTube, but those hoping for TV shows and movies to watch will be left in the lurch.

This will no doubt change in the future, but for now, anyone with a glorious new Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV at home is very likely to be watching upscaled 4K content on it — or worse, 1080p content that’s been upscaled instead.

Don’t yet have an 8K TV and want to get a feel for what is possible with the right source material? Head to one of those more than 65,000 retail stores to get an eye full of some of this summer’s blockbuster movies. Just don’t expect to be watching anything like that when you get that new TV home.

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